Ośrodek Debaty Międzynarodowej Poznań



Savoir-vivre in Poland (Poznań University of Technology)

Meeting with foreign students at the Poznan University of Technology. 
Savoir-Vivre in Poland. How to make your stay in Poland comfortable and friendly?

On the 12th of March, representatives of Regional Center of International Debate had the opportunity to talk to dozens of students from Asia, Africa and Europe about Polish Etiquette.  We shared the secrets helping the students establish and maintain good relations with their Polish friends or host families.

How do you greet Poles? Who extends the hand first? Should I take my shoes off when I enter someone’s home or not? How about the etiquette at the table? Which topics do Poles eagerly talk about and which do they rather avoid? Those and many other where the questions we covered during over the 90 minutes meting.

We engaged the students in a conversation where we were also learning about cultural differences. Interesting was for example the comment from an African girl who clearly stated that in their countries it is the man who is always expected to reach out with a hand first to a woman when meeting her (the other way round as in European practice). An observation everyone agreed with was that Poles can benefit a lot from a more direct eye contact – which we often do do and it does the power to break the ice when we meet strangers much better.

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